Are We Facing Armageddon

Over the last couple of days, I have been wondering if we are facing Armageddon. I am currently on a break from Orpington escorts, and spending some time with friends and family in the United States. My dad lives in Nevada and we have been driving around his home town. There are signs of property foreclosures everywhere and you can pick up homes very cheap indeed. Today, I saw a home for $50,000 advertised.

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This thing with Donald Trump becoming President Elect has really upset people here. Some people are all for him, but others are frighten. I think if it was not for Donald Trump becoming president, I would consider leaving Orpington escorts and moving to the United States. It would not be a bad place to live, and once you got yourself sorted out, you could probably do well here. I am just a bit apprehensive about the future.

Are there escorts services in Nevada? Of course there are escort services in Nevada but I don’t know how they compare Orpington escorts. The girls actually seem to be a little bit tarty when you compare them to escorts in London. Most of the agencies seem to offer the same services as we do in the UK, but it is the way they go about stuff. I think that most American escorts pitch to a different market than we do in London. Saying that, we do get a lot of American dating in London and that is great.

One thing that really freaks me out about the United States, is all of the gun shops. We went into Las Vegas the other day, and found a shop that even sells cluster bombs. Why would somebody need to buy a cluster bomb? It seems really strange me. Donald Trump has stirred about so much hatred that I think that the entire world may become a very volatile place to love in for the next couple of years. Perhaps I am better staying with Orpington escorts for now, and see how things turn out.

Do I like the United States? I do like the United States but sometimes I think it has kind of a strange feel to it. The other day I received a text from one of the girls at Orpington escorts asking me how things were after the election. Well, the truth is that even Las Vegas have seen protests and people even stocked up on food the day before the election. Clearly they were really worried that something was going to happen. That is how the US feels at the moment, it feels like something is bout to happen. There is a lot of unrest and many of my friends out here are concerned about their future. This is not the time to give up a good thing back in London. I would love to spend more time with my dad, but I don’t think I will move out here over the next couple of years. It is just too scary for a little girl like me…

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