How To Achieve Maximum Pleasure During Anal Sex

So, you are eager to try having anal sex but your friends tell you that it is painful? Well, anal sex can be very pleasurable if done the right way. The anus is highly endowed with nerve endings and thus contracts rhythmically during an orgasm. Here are tips on how to reduce pain during anal sex and make it enjoyable.


Relaxation is the key for one to feel pleasure and not pain. If you are tensed, the muscles of your anus will be tensed up too and thus, the penetration will be more challenging and painful. First, your partner has to make you feel comfortable by reassuring you that he will be gentle. He also needs to perform lots of foreplay. Oral sex works wonders! After all this, it will be your turn to feel relaxed, however hard it may seem.

Create space

Before the anal, ensure that you have a full bowel movement. Otherwise, he will be packing fudge or even get pushed out if the stools are loose. You need to plan it out well. Otherwise, the smell of sex will be replaced by the smell of stool. A diet full of fiber will do you a lot of good!


You need to remember that the anus, unlike the vagina, is not self-lubricating. Therefore, you need to bring your grease otherwise, it will be very painful. Also, keep re-applying because the anus soaks up the lube much faster than the vagina.
It is also important to choose the right lube. While all kinds of lubes can be used for anal sex, it is important to invest in high-quality water-based lubricants. Oil based lubricants such as Vaseline might degrade the quality of a latex condom; thus destroying its usefulness. Though condoms are lubricated, they do not offer enough lubrication for anal penetration. Also, there are lubricants designed for anal sex.


The wrong choice in the sex position can make things hard to handle. Unlike in vaginal intercourse where you can be creative regarding the positions, in anal, you need to be very careful. Find a position that is easier for penetration. A recommended position is the doggy position. You can put some pillows below your belly so that your body may be lifted at an angle that facilitates easy penetration.

Fingers and toy first

Before penetration, your partner has to insert their fingers first. Starting with the penis can be awesomely painful. Your partner can start with one finger then two and so on. Make sure the fingernails are trimmed. After fingering, try using a small dildo. This ensures that you get accustomed to the feeling.


Your partner should gradually and slowly build up to penetration, not just penetrate fast. This is one area that needs to be treated with care. If your partner does not do this, it will hurt. Besides, it is important to alert your partner that they should never surprise you by sticking their penis into your butt all of a sudden.

Now that you already know how to enjoy your anal sex, it’s time to get started. Enjoy!

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