My Sugar Daddy Loves Me

When I first met my sugar daddy, I was not sure if he just wanted me to be his glamour puss. A couple of the girls at Acton escorts have got sugar daddies and they don’t seem to have that much common with their sugar daddies. To my surprise, I have found that I have a lot in common with my sugar daddy. We do really have a good time together. Most of the time, girls only spend time with their sugar daddies going out to dinner and stuff like that. My sugar daddy and I have a lot more in common.

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When I am not too busy at Acton escorts, my sugar daddy often suggest a weekend away or something like that. Since I met him, I have been to so many places that I would not normally have considered. We have had some great weekend breaks in the UK and abroad as well. We always have a really great time and we do actually enjoy each other company. He has got this sports car that he likes to drive and I am more than happy to tag along with him. More than anything, he seems to enjoy my company.

I like to exercise a lot and so does my sugar daddy. We try to do some sort of exercise together every day. He works and runs his own business, and of course Acton escorts interfere with my schedule. But when we have some time off together, we both like to exercise. One of our favorite things is golfing and then we like to do tai-chi as well. I never thought that I would get into any of the two sports but now I like them both. Golfing is really sociable and we often have lunch out when we go golfing. Tai-chi can give you bags of energy and that is why I love it so much.

Sometimes, it feels like we have a proper relationship. Unlike some of the other girls at Acton escorts, I have been known to hang around the supermarket with my sugar daddy. We both like to eat good food so we often go shopping together. He pushes the shopping trolley and I put all of the bits in it. We actually have fund doing that and I will admit to the fact that we enjoy spotting bargains. In many ways, it feels like we are a couple when we are shopping.

Do we belong together? Sometimes I think that we should sit down and have a chat about our future together. I am not sure where we are going but we do like to be together. Does he love me? Well, he keeps saying that he adores me. I think it is his little way of telling me that he loves me. Most of the girls at Acton escorts say that their relationships with their sugar daddies are not that close. Our relationship is really close and I think that we have come to mean a lot to each other. What is the future? I am not expecting a ring on my finger, but I think that we will continue to have a good time together.

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