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Hottest Girls at Barnes Cray Escorts

If you have ever used an escort service, you may have noticed that some of the girls, use the most unusual names. Some of them have come from the agency itself, others have been with them for a long time. At the moment, the London Escort Guide is producing a series of unusual escorts names. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the rarer names in the escorts industry. This week we are meeting some hot and sex girls from Barnes Cray escorts. The girls work in perhaps one of the smartest town in England, so it will be interesting to see if their names match.

Tittiana is the first young lady to come in to see us. She got her name when she was 15 years old and it is quite obvious to see why – they are huge. Icelandic born Tittiana no longer directly works as an escorts for Barnes Cray escorts she left behind a few years ago and is now helping to run the agency. She is also a writer and enjoys writing about a little bit of everything. Her most popular topic is relationships and family dynamics, this is her favorite topic.

Barnes Cray Escorts
Barnes Cray Escorts

Salma is another girls who works for Barnes Cray escorts. Her lovely name comes from her dad. Barnes Cray is short for her proper name and when she was a little girl, her dad used to call her Princess Salma. It really suited me she says, I was this little girl in pink who loved wearing a tiara. As a matter of fact, I still wear my tiara but I have bought many others as well. As a result of my nick name, I have become quite interested in tiaras and have a lot of books about them. It really is a fascinating topic.

Nigella does not immediately strike you as a nick name or pet name, but it certainly is in this case. When Nigella was a little girl, her mom used to grow a lot of a flower called Nigella in their garden. Her mom started to call her Nigella and the name stuck. Nigella loves her name and today she is the one growing Nigellas in her garden. It is sort of a family right of passage , she says, and adds that she loves the little flower, but unlike the other Nigella, she has no cooking skills what so ever.

It is certainly interesting to meet all of the nice ladies who work for agencies such as Barnes Cray escorts. Their different talents and skill sets, makes you appreciate how varied the escorts community is around the London area. Not only are their many different personalities, but there are certainly many unique names such as the names of the girls from Barnes Cray escorts. I am sure that many of these girls make life easier for the owners of the agencies. After all, they don’t need to dream up different names for their girls all the time. It is easier when you have your own.…

Cheap London Escorts Discuss Abstinence

I must admit that I had sex for the first time when I was about 14 years old. It was not the right thing to do at all, but it was like a right of passage. Most of the girls at school had sex when they were about 14 years old, but looking back I am not sure that we did ourselves any favours. Most of the girls that I went to school with seem to have sort of ended up in the “wrong lane” so to speak. Not all of them have ended up working for cheap London escorts like me, but not all of them have been successful.

The funny thing is that the girls who waited to have sex, seem to have done much better. The other month I had a couple of days off from cheap London escorts and travelled back home. I was really surprised to discover how the nice girls had done for themselves. It was a real eye opener, and I keep on wondering if it is a good idea to hang onto your virginity for that little bit longer. Maybe if I would have been a bit tougher on myself, I would not have ended up working for cheap London escorts.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with working for cheap London escorts, but I keep on wondering if I should have picked another career path. At the time I joined London escorts, I had been trying my hand at modelling. It felt like I was not earning enough money so I opt for joining London escorts instead. It may not have been the smartest move, but I have done pretty well for myself at cheap London escorts.

Sex is nothing special to me, and I often feel that there is too much sex in my life. Looking at my modeling career, and my London escorts career, I can quickly see that both sex and porn seem to have dominated my life so far. It would have been nice if things were different, and I am sure that inviting sex into my life at an early stage did not help at all. I should have waited, but it is easy to say that now. I suppose there are worse jobs than working for cheap London escorts.

Most of the girls at London escorts were introduced to sex at an early stage in their lives. They seem to just get on with life and many of them are pretty tough girls. That being said, I know that many of them really do get a kick out of sex and enjoy it, but I am also sure that a lot of them do feel that it is important to protect yourself. When I get married and have kids, I am going to make sure that my kids are not introduced to sex too quickly in their lives. I want their lives to be really precious.…

How To Achieve Maximum Pleasure During Anal Sex

So, you are eager to try having anal sex but your friends tell you that it is painful? Well, anal sex can be very pleasurable if done the right way. The anus is highly endowed with nerve endings and thus contracts rhythmically during an orgasm. Here are tips on how to reduce pain during anal sex and make it enjoyable.


Relaxation is the key for one to feel pleasure and not pain. If you are tensed, the muscles of your anus will be tensed up too and thus, the penetration will be more challenging and painful. First, your partner has to make you feel comfortable by reassuring you that he will be gentle. He also needs to perform lots of foreplay. Oral sex works wonders! After all this, it will be your turn to feel relaxed, however hard it may seem.

Create space

Before the anal, ensure that you have a full bowel movement. Otherwise, he will be packing fudge or even get pushed out if the stools are loose. You need to plan it out well. Otherwise, the smell of sex will be replaced by the smell of stool. A diet full of fiber will do you a lot of good!


You need to remember that the anus, unlike the vagina, is not self-lubricating. Therefore, you need to bring your grease otherwise, it will be very painful. Also, keep re-applying because the anus soaks up the lube much faster than the vagina.
It is also important to choose the right lube. While all kinds of lubes can be used for anal sex, it is important to invest in high-quality water-based lubricants. Oil based lubricants such as Vaseline might degrade the quality of a latex condom; thus destroying its usefulness. Though condoms are lubricated, they do not offer enough lubrication for anal penetration. Also, there are lubricants designed for anal sex.


The wrong choice in the sex position can make things hard to handle. Unlike in vaginal intercourse where you can be creative regarding the positions, in anal, you need to be very careful. Find a position that is easier for penetration. A recommended position is the doggy position. You can put some pillows below your belly so that your body may be lifted at an angle that facilitates easy penetration.

Fingers and toy first

Before penetration, your partner has to insert their fingers first. Starting with the penis can be awesomely painful. Your partner can start with one finger then two and so on. Make sure the fingernails are trimmed. After fingering, try using a small dildo. This ensures that you get accustomed to the feeling.


Your partner should gradually and slowly build up to penetration, not just penetrate fast. This is one area that needs to be treated with care. If your partner does not do this, it will hurt. Besides, it is important to alert your partner that they should never surprise you by sticking their penis into your butt all of a sudden.

Now that you already know how to enjoy your anal sex, it’s time to get started. Enjoy!

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